What is a TooDee?

TooDees are transformations of characters from popular culture “smashed” down to their simplest form.

The TooDees design formula originated during a high school design class. The students were struggling with their first attempts at character design, trying to include too much detail and overlooking the basic underlying forms. After reiterating the importance of simplicity in design for several days, I composed a recognizable character using three circles as a framework. A large circle represented the character’s head. Two smaller circles were used to imply the character’s hands. Facial expression, costume and a color palette was established. The demonstration was successful, the students really responded to the design, and TooDees were born!

All of the components that make up TooDees are flat. This essential design approach led to the branding TooDees, as it functioned as a play on the term, two-dimensional. TooDees can be used across a variety of media to fulfill diversified needs. They look great on a wide range of apparel and appear quite striking as decals. The ultimate goal of this unique and creative design formula is to provide an avenue for effective marketing of existing brands or trademarks. Fusing an already recognizable trademark with the groundbreaking TooDees design recipe can breathe new life into the popularity, collectibility and visibility of a character. I appreciate your taking the time to read this introduction to the TooDees concept and I am excited that you have expressed interest in my product. I would be thrilled to speak with you further regarding the multitude of possible ways TooDees can help you promote your brand.