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Tony Santiago is a freelance illustrator from Crystal Lake, IL. He is a great friend and his work is awesome! Check out his site.
Scott is a Special FX artist from Chicago. He has worked as an instructor at KosartFX Studio and a charter member of the Friday Night Art Dorks.
Scott Jenkins is an Illustrator and Special FX enthusiast. He is also the founder of the Friday Night Art Dorks. I met him in a class at Kosart FX Studio. Super talented guy!
Darb Designz Studio is owned by Brad Zonka, another Friday Night Art Dork. Based in Chicago, he specializes in custom design work, costumes and fx props.
Dodie Mondero is an accomplished fine artist/illustrator/muralist and close friend of mine. Take a look at his online gallery.
Sean Pence is one of my favorite sketch card artists and is based in Pittsburgh. Take a look at his Instagram page.